About Lilian Monroe

Lilian Monroe lives in a luxurious jungle treehouse surrounded by lush greenery, with an army of scantily-clad men with rippling abdominal muscles ready to attend to her every need.

No, wait. That's not true.

Lilian Monroe spends her days dangling her feet into her pool, while the scantily-clad pool boy with rippling abdominal muscles feeds her chocolate covered strawberries and massages her back.

Okay, okay. You got me. That's not true either. Let's try again.

Lilian Monroe lives at home with her two children, three dogs and twelve chickens. Her husband likes to work shirtless in the back yard. His sweaty, gleaming abdominal muscles ripple with every movement and he-

I'm sorry I have to stop. Fine, I'll admit it, that one isn't true either.

How about this: Lilian Monroe loves thinking about men with rippling abdominal muscles serving her hand and foot, and she wants you to think about them too! She is an avid reader, writer, and lover of all things romance.

She loves everything from bad boys to billionaires. Her books are packed with red-hot heat, laugh-out-loud banter, and everything from second chances to single dads. She hates cheating and loves a good happily ever after (and rippling abs).