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The COMPLETE Clarke Brothers Trilogy: BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

The COMPLETE Clarke Brothers Trilogy: BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

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Secrets and scandal intertwine in the scorching-hot Clarke Brothers Series!

Three growly mountain men reveal their untamed hearts in this steamy collection. Three titles and bonus epilogues included:

  1. Lie to Me
  2. Swear to Me
  3. Run to Me 


⛰️ Growly mountain man
⛰️ Small town
⛰️ Fish out of water
⛰️ Opposites attract
⛰️ Workplace Romance
⛰️ Steamy/Spicy


Aiden Clarke doesn't want the small mountain town he calls home to change. He certainly doesn't want a new developer to make it into a tourist hotspot.

But when he meets Maddie, the engineer in charge of the new project, he wonders if change might not be a bad idea after all...

Until the townspeople rally to oppose the project, and Aiden has to choose between his town and the woman he loves...

Chapter 1 Look Inside

“Madeline! My office, now!”

I glance up from my desk and sigh. Barry isn’t in a good mood. We’re mobilizing to the new construction site next month, and there are a million things to do. I click ‘save’ on my computer and stand up. My environmental report will have to wait. I turn toward Barry’s office and try to keep my face neutral.

Our project director, Barry Atkins, is a middle-aged, gruff-looking man with a big potbelly. He’s hunched over at his desk, squinting at his computer when I walk into his office. His eyebrows are knitted together and he’s stroking his thick mustache with one hand as he scrolls down the screen with the other.

“Read this,” he barks without looking up. I take a few steps to walk around his desk and look at his screen with him. It’s an email forwarded on from our community liaison manager at the project site.

Town Hall Meeting

All residents of Lang Creek County are invited to the Town Hall Meeting at Lang Creek Community Center, this Friday at 7:00pm. The construction of the Williamson Luxury Hotel on Lang Creek Mountain will be discussed. Please attend for any and all questions and comments.

Lang Creek Town Council
Barry glances at me and I take a deep breath. He shakes his head.

“The pushback we’ve been getting from the community is getting worse. They don’t want this hotel to be built. I need you to go to Lang Creek and be the company representative for this town hall meeting.”

I make a choking, gurgling sound before taking another deep breath.

“Barry, with all due respect, I have three applications to make to state and federal environmental agencies that need to be in by the end of next week. I don’t have time to go down there, not now. If I don’t get these submitted, we won’t be able to start on time. Wouldn’t it be better for one of the project engineers to go?”

“Who, Patrick? Glen? They’ll make things worse! They’d go in there like they were ordering some workers around on site. No, we need someone with finesse.” He looks at me and softens his voice. “We need you. You’re the environmental engineer on this project and you’re in the best position to put the community’s mind at ease. We need to win their hearts and minds. Put a presentation together, and make sure you mention all our sustainability initiatives. Talk about that other project you worked on – the rehabilitation of the old mine site you worked on.”

He waves his hand and I take a deep breath to try to calm myself down. I know how important this is, but as the only environmental engineer on this project, my plate is already too full.

“Barry, I need help. We’re building this hotel on a Class 1 Nature reserve, and I have seventeen applications that need to be approved. The three going in next week are going to determine whether we can start on time. I can’t –”

Barry swings his eyes up toward me and furrows his brow. I know that look. It’s a look that doesn’t invite discussion. I gulp and then nod, taking a deep breath to steady my voice.

“I’ll get it done,” I say.

Barry nods. “Good. I knew I could count on you.”

He turns back to his computer and I head back toward my desk. I flop down on my chair and look at my computer screen, dejected. I have a half-finished Noise and Vibration Report, plus a to-do list that’s overwhelming to look at. I look around at everyone tapping away on their keyboards and I wonder if they’re as overwhelmed as me. Now he wants me to put together a presentation and head into the heart of the Adirondack Mountains? I somehow have to win over the Lang Creek County population by Friday? What is our community liaison manager even doing down there!

I’ve worked with Barry for almost five years now, and I know that he’s right. We need to handle the community correctly to save ourselves trouble down the line. But still, sometimes I feel like he relies on me too much. I pull out my Tupperware box from my bag and open it up. Looks like it’ll be another lunch eaten alone at my desk as I rush to finish yet another task.

I haven’t even stuck my fork into the salad leaves when my phone rings. I check the screen and sigh. It’s Cecilia, our community liaison manager.

“Hi Cecilia,” I say as I put my fork down and stare blankly at my screen.

“Maddy! Barry told me you’d be leading this town meeting.”

“Not sure about leading it, but I’ll be there.”

“Have you prepared the presentation yet?”

“Cecilia, I just got told I’m going to Lang Creek ten minutes ago. I haven’t even opened up PowerPoint yet.” I can hear the tension in my voice and I try to take a quiet breath.

“Right, right. I’ve been having some issues getting people on board,” she starts. “They’re worried about the hotel construction site to begin with. Then they think it’ll bring in too many tourists and the area will be destroyed.”

I can tell. “I’ll let you know when my presentation is done,” I answer curtly. I hang up the phone and rub my hands over my temples. My lunch looks unappetizing, but I stab it with my fork anyway. I munch on a lettuce leaf before looking at my screen. I open up a blank presentation and take a deep breath. I might as well get started working on this.

Looks like I’ll be meeting the locals sooner rather than later. Let's just say I'm not expecting them to roll out a red carpet for me...


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