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Combat (Audiobook Version)

Combat (Audiobook Version)

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He’s an overprotective bodyguard. The dark-haired grump who makes introverted, good girl me more flustered than usual. And, until he decides I’m safe, he’s also my new roommate.

The business of wedding stationery isn’t supposed to be dangerous. After all, my main occupational hazard is a paper cut.

Then a rival businessman declares war, starting with a few stolen packages and progressing to all-out sabotage and open threats.

I do the only thing I can: I hire a bodyguard to accompany me to my town's local Wedding Expo, the most important event of the year.

What I don’t expect is for Cormac to take the job himself. As the stoic, grumpy co-owner of Elite Security, he should have more important things to worry about than the frazzled introvert floating at the edge of his friend group.

I’m half-convinced I’ve imagined the whole thing, anyway. I’m not in any danger.

Then my car explodes.

Cormac throws me over his shoulder, dumps me in the passenger seat of his vehicle, and decides that until this is over, I’m not leaving his sight. Everywhere I go, he goes. Every threat to me is a threat to him.


I’m moving in with him.

And I discover my new favorite grump has a softer side.

Like the fact that he owns a cat with the most unexpected name.

Or how he’s close with his family, even when I can tell they drive him crazy.

Or the way he wraps me up in bulletproof armor one minute—and his arms the next.

But no matter how safe and cherished I feel with Cormac, there’s a deranged stationery store owner on the loose with a vendetta against me.

When the villain finally makes his move, I discover exactly what it means to have an overprotective hunk charged with my safety, my heart, and my life…


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