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The Clarke Brothers Book 2: Swear To Me

The Clarke Brothers Book 2: Swear To Me

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Dominic Clarke is big, burly, and on the wrong side of a family feud.
Off. Limits.

Ten years after leaving, I’m back in my hometown with my tail between my legs.
Living with my parents after a failed engagement doesn’t exactly scream ‘I’ve-got-my-life-together’.

You know what else makes me want to crawl into a hole and never come out?
Dominic Clarke.
The man is built like a Greek god.
Hands calloused from woodworking, muscles honed over all the years I’ve been away.

Just give me a minute, here.
I need to pick my jaw up off the floor.
Oh, and my panties, too. How did they get down there?

I want to climb him like a tree, but there’s a problem.
We’re supposed to hate each other.
Our families have been fighting for generations, and being with him would definitely add ‘disowned’ to the list of my accomplishments.

But boundaries were made for crossing…right?



⛰️ Growly mountain man

⛰️ Small town

⛰️ Second Chance

⛰️ Opposites attract

⛰️ Steamy/Spicy

Chapter 1 Look Inside

The match bursts to life between my fingers. The scent of sulfur fills my nose.

I watch the tiny flame for a second as it shifts and dances in the light breeze. I glance up at the sky, littered with a million stars, and then down to the huge, looming building in front of me.
I can smell the gasoline soaking into the ground and into the timber at my feet. The luxury hotel is like a stain on the side of the mountain. It shouldn't be here. Still, as I stand here with the match in my hand, I can’t help but hesitate.

My brother Ethan drops his match. I hear the whoosh and crack of a new fire coming to life across the construction site. Sheriff Whittaker is next, igniting the north side of the building. I watch the two fires start to lick at the new construction. They climb up the bare beams and travel along the trails of gasoline that we sprayed all over the ground floor.

The match is burning close to my fingers. I watch the small flame for a second more, and finally drop it at my feet. I take a step back as the gasoline ignites. It starts as a low blue flame, traveling fast along the fuel that I just splashed over the ground. A deep sense of satisfaction wells up inside me as I watch the fire ignite. I’m transfixed, watching the flames as they dance along the side of the half-built hotel. The heat of the fire starts to warm my face and clothes until it’s almost too much. When it starts climbing up the beams, I turn away and walk back toward the trailhead where we came from.

Ethan and Bill are already there. They nod at me, and the three of us turn toward the building once again.

We watch it in silence until the flames have overtaken the half-constructed luxury hotel.

“Let’s get out of here,” Ethan says in a low voice. I grunt in response and turn back toward the trail. We walk in silence, waiting a few minutes before fishing our head lamps out of our pockets and turning them on. It’s a two-mile hike before we get to the old logging road where we parked our trucks.

When we get there, Bill extends a hand toward me. “Good work, Dominic. Ethan. I never thought I’d commit a felony as Sheriff, but I can’t feel guilty about this one. That hotel would have been the end of this town – and the end of these forests as we know them.”

“It’s better off gone,” Ethan replies. Bill nods his hand and heads toward his truck. I jump into mine and Ethan gets into the passenger seat. The engine rumbles to life and the two of us head back down toward the town of Lang Creek.

We crest a hill and I see the fire burning behind us in my rear-view mirror. I stop the truck and jump out. Ethan follows. We climb into the bed of the pickup and watch the fire burn for a few minutes. As the flames lick higher and higher, the corners of my lips start to lift up with it. A siren wails in the distance, and Ethan and I exchange a knowing look.

Gradually, a laugh starts rolling through my chest until my shoulders are shaking and I’m throwing my head back. I clap my brother on the back and he grins at me.

“I can’t believe we fucking did that,” I finally say as I shake my head.

Ethan laughs. “I can.”

“Let’s go,” I finally say, staring at the fire one last time and shaking my head. As we drive away, the smell of smoke lingers in my nostrils and I grin. It’s a crime, and it should be wrong, but it feels so, so right.


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